What’s a No-Cut?


less than a minute
no-cutting: 15min
Recommended every 3-4 weeks.

Should I get no-cuts?
If you have fine or damaged hair, regularly heat style or change your haircolor, are prone to tangles, or just plain don’t want to get full haircuts every 4-8 weeks, you might just love our no-cut.  If your hair “stops growing” at a short length or looks thin and scraggly when long, a few months of consistent no-cuts can net you the most growth over time while keeping ends from fraying.

What you need to know:
A No-Cut is a 15-minute service to remove split ends from hair without altering the length or shape of the haircut. It is called a “No-Cut” because there is NO VISIBLE CHANGE in your length or layering. When receiving a No-Cut, please arrive with hair clean and dry.

If you would like to remove any length, add layers, change the shape of your haircut, and/or receive a shampoo and style with your service, you will need to book a full haircut. If it has been over six weeks since your last haircut or no-cut, you will want and need a full haircut. If your stylist can’t get through almost all of your splits within 15-20 min, you either need a full haircut (if there are many splits on the last inch or so of hair), or much more frequent no-cut appointments, temporarily, while your hair health bounces back. A no-cut every other week is perfectly reasonable for very fine, damaged, or fragile hair.


What your stylist will do:
Gently detangle hair then do a thorough search and destroy of all splits in the hair. Protip: take advantage of this time to discuss your usual hair routine to learn tricks and shortcuts to keeping your hair as healthy and manageable as possible.
Take home products our no-cut clients love:
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Denman Brush
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